Making your favourite houseplant look pretty is what we do best

Plantaby was started in Brisbane in early 2020. In the process of decorating our own indoor jungle, we found ourselves wanting pieces that reflect our love of colour and spark joy in the home. It was during this time that we originally pivoted our art to focus on hand painted pots, planters, and homewares. Through pairing our obsession with plants with our love of bright colours, the idea for Plantaby started to take root and grow.  

Today, our signature hand painted pots can be found in homes and select shops throughout Australia, the United States, and Canada. We continue to remain a small, family-run business with each and every pot and homeware being hand painted by Lyss or Kieran. 

There is a lot of time, dedication, and love put into our work. We are deeply grateful for your support - thank you for welcoming Plantaby into your home! 

Have a question about Plantaby, need a certain colour, or just want to drop us a note? We are always happy to help!

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