a beautiful plant deserves an equally beautiful pot

Rooted in the belief that colour creates joy, Plantaby reimagines the classic indoor pot by turning it into something as beautiful as it is functional. By hand-painting each and every pot using a curated blend of our favourite colours, we create one-of-a-kind plant homes designed to elevate your space with a little vibrancy and a whole lot of magic.

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Designed to complement your favourite houseplants while adding style to your space, our signature ceramic pots are individually hand painted, fully sealed inside-and-out, and chip and scratch resistant. Using a mix of art mediums, we meticulously create each and every pot in our studio, transforming what was once considered a simple everyday homeware into a functional piece of art.

We paint with love and we paint with a purpose - plants make people happy, but we believe pots can, too!

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Plant + baby = plantaby. An indoor houseplant that receives all the sunshine, care, love, and attention it deserves while being nurtured by an enthusiastic #plantparent

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